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Special Grips for pole dance and fitness
DobrinY - Original manufacturer of liquid chalk, wax and powder for sportsmen
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Being a manufcturer, we can offer the price 30-50% lower than any other analogue, providing top quality of product!

Company "DobrinY" pays special attention to the quality. We communicate directly with pole dancers in order to get feedback about each characteristics of our products and constantly improving them.

Better grip with the pole surface – less usage.

No white marks.

Dries faster.

Pleasant aroma (not alcohol odour).

Liquid Chalk “DobrinY” has antibacterial, moistening and cicatrizing effect due to natural Aloe-Vera component.

Company “DobrinY” pay especial attention to quality, peculiar attributes and safety of the products.

The waterproof texture is applied at any temperature of skin (it isn't necessary to be warmed previously). It is suitable to be spread on a body in places of contact with the pole. It is washed away by warm water with soap. Gives the maximum grip with the pole when making tricks.

Thanks to a special formula, wax for training on the pole DobrinY is easily washed away from palms and clothes.  

A small amount of wax is enough for a long time (the jar of 50 ml is enough to 300 applications).

Being used by centuries in cosmetics, this natural product doesn't cause an allergy and suits to all-type skin.

It is ready for using in 5 seconds after application, while using the analogues you need to wait 30-60 seconds after application.

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With the help of DOBRINY POWDER even an initial level dancer feels confidence in hands which won't slide off at the most responsible moment during training or performance. Strong grip of palms with a smooth surface of a pole at the expense of powder is necessary both for honing of static poses and dippings and for dynamic rotations and tricks.

Provides bonding effect with the pole surface.
Prevents sweat production, dries skin.

Light texture which does not leave spots on clothes or skin.

Doesn't need specialized chemical means of removal, it is washed away by soap water.

Economy: large volume of a bottle and small dosage of the single application.

Due to liquid structure, composition and spray cap, it is applied on a pole surface proportionally, dries quickly, streak-free. One can hear only "a purity Scratch". It destroys microbes and viruses, deletes traces of sweat, liquid chalk and wax, provides reliable grip.

Quality components is a guarantee of safe training on the pole.

Provides reliable grip due to fast drying, total cleaning and de-fatting as well.

Economic packing: 500ml and 1000ml.

Spray cap provides economy of the fluid.

Applying Cleaning Fluid DobrinY, every sportsman obtains a guarantee of safe and protection for health and an effective pole cleaner.

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